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A few things about me.

I’m a happy married  mother of 2 girls,  1 and 3 years old. I work full time as an IT Quality Assurance Manager. I enjoy playing soccer and running long distances. My whole life I have always been active. I always admired the girls on the cover of the Oxygen magazines, but never dreamed I could look that way. I bought my first gym membership and started training on my own in 2000. My diet consisted of a pack of Tim bits and a few fruit a day. I thought healthy eating meant it was made at home. So, like many others, no matter how hard I trained, my body never changed.

At the time I worked with a guy named Darren Mehling, a strong man competitor. Then one day at work, he walked past me and I didn’t even recognize him. He had transformed his body for an upcoming  body building show. I was amazed at the chanes he has made with his physique. A few month later I contacted Darren and asked him for his guidance. Darren Mehling and his wife Christina Mehling IFBB Pro are the successful owners of FREAK Fitness. Darren started training me in 2008 where I placed 1st at my very first show, all the way to my last show August 2014, NPC IFBB show were I won2x 1st place and won the Overall, winning me my IFBB Pro status. This was done one year and one week after I have birth to our second daughter.  Im currently training for my next show in June 2015,  Toronto Pro show where I will step on a Pro stage for the first time ever. Something everyone in the fitness world dreams of doing.

IFBB Pro status means an athlete has earned the highest ranking in the sport.

Trainer– Darren Mehling owner of Freak fitness

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Home :Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada                                                                           Occupation: Quality Assurance Manager                                                                          Height: 5’1.                                                                                                                              Contest Weight: 105 lbs.                                                                                                            Date of Birth : July 8th 1977.                                                                                                    Trainer : Darren Mehling – Freak Fitness

Contest history
2008 – MABBA Novice Championship, Figure Short Division—1st place.
2008 – MABBA Provincial Championship, Figure Short Division—1st place.
2008 – IFBB International Events Qualifier, Figure Short Division— 3rd place.
2009 – CBBF Women’s Fitness–Figure Nationals, Figure Short Division—3rd place
2010 – had my first child
2012 – IFBB International Events Qualifier,  Figure Short Division— 2nd place
2013 – had my second child
2014 –  IFBB International Events Qualifier,  Figure Short Division—  1st place Masters – 1st place Figure A.

Overall Master win,  IFBB pro status. (one year and one week after I gave birth).

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